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SEC CIK #0001776580

Sudrania Fund Services Corp

( retained Sudrania Fund Services Corp ( on September 25, 2017 to calculate the performance data for Alpha Beta Program. It started calculating such performance data going forward from such retention date (September 25, 2017).


Furthermore, the performance data of Alpha Beta Program (from the inception date (September 8, 2008) to such retention date (September 25, 2017)) has also been calculated retroactively by Sudrania Fund Services Corp ( as well.


Hence, the performance data of Alpha Beta Program (from the inception date (September 8, 2008) to the present) has been calculated by Sudrania Fund Services Corp (


Per the official website of the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC, (, Sudrania Fund Services Corp ( has also been registered with SEC as a transfer agent (which provides transfer services to mutual funds). Its SEC CIK is #0001776580.


Disclaimer: In performing its duties, Sudrania Fund Services Corp ( will be entitled to rely, and generally will rely, on information provided to it by third parties, including the Client FCMs and, and will not be responsible for errors contained in such information received. It will have no responsibility with respect to the trading activities of (or the monitoring thereof). For more information regarding Sudrania Fund Services Corp (, please visit

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