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Past Performance Capsule of Alpha Beta Program is a separately managed account (SMA) program. Its investment objective is for long-term capital growth. There is no guarantee whatsoever that the program will meet its stated investment objective.


For Alpha Beta Program, per’s proprietary Qualitative/Quantitative Fund Management Methodology and Qualitative/Quantitative Portfolio Realization Process,, at its sole discretion without any restrictions or limitations whatsoever, may perform the following.

·    In the high level, it may integrate its proprietary methods of ALPHA asset allocations (to generate long-term ALPHA) and BETA asset allocations (to catch long-term BETA) together.

·    In the low level, it may integrate several proprietary sub-processes (such as Stock Index Sub-Process, Risk Parity Sub-Process, Global Macro Sub-Process and Macro Trend Following Sub-Process) together.

·    It may further integrate these high level asset allocation methods and these low level sub-processes together to invest regulated exchange traded futures contracts.


For Alpha Beta Program, predominantly focuses on proactive risk management through the static/dynamic use of the above methodology, process, sub-processes and asset allocation methods, etc.


For Alpha Beta Program, however, despite everything described above,, at its sole discretion without any restrictions or limitations whatsoever, may perform the following.

·    It may statically/dynamically use any variation, combination and/or integration of any methodology, any process, any sub-process, any asset allocation method, any risk management method and any strategy, etc. to invest in any regulated exchange traded futures contracts worldwide.

·    It may also statically/dynamically decide which specific regulated exchange traded futures contracts worldwide to invest, what degree of diversifications to invest, which direction (long, short or cash) to invest, when to invest, how often to invest, position size to invest, leverage to use  and degree of systematic/discretionary to invest, etc.

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