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Open Account

Disclosure Document


To invest with, Client shall follow the instructions below:


1.   Client shall download the Disclosure Document at:


2.   The above Disclosure Document contains the following parts (from page 76 to 96 (total 21 pages)):



PART 1: Acknowledgement of Receipt of Disclosure Document

PART 2: The Advisory Agreement

PART 3: Client Information Questionnaire

PART 4: Arbitration Agreement



3.   Client shall follow the instructions as specified on page 72.


4.   Client shall first complete and return the above 21 pages back to at the physical address or email below. LLC

941 Byron Court, Naperville, Illinois 60540-8261, USA

Tel: +1 (630) 708-8997



5. will contact Client once it has received such 21 pages document.




The sources or natures of funds may be from:


1.   Sovereign wealth funds

2.   Foundation funds

3.   Central bank funds

4.   Insurance company funds

5.   Government funds

6.   Mutual funds

7.   Hedge funds

8.   Commodity pools

9.   Funds of funds

10.         Funds of one

11.         Funds of CTAs

12.         Government pension funds

13.         Family office funds

14.         Venture capitals

15.         Private funds

16.         Public funds

17.         Pre-tax funds

18.         Post-tax funds

19.         Retirement funds

20.         Endowment funds

21.         Private pension funds

22.         Private equity funds

23.         Corporation funds

24.         Private bank funds

25.         Public bank funds


Client may be any of following:


1.   U.S. person (individual)

2.   U.S. person (entity)

3.   Non-U.S. person (individual)

4.   Non-U.S. person (entity)

5.   Qualified Eligible Person (QEP)

6.   Non-QEP


The following are the possible types of Client Accounts.


1.   ORGANIZATION account

    Mutual fund

    Hedge fund

    Commodity pool


    Limited liability company (LLC)


    Unincorporated business


2.   TRUST account

    Revocable trust

    Irrevocable trust

    Testamentary trust

    Other trust


3.   JOINT account

    Joint tenants right of survivorship

    Community property

    Tenants in common


4.   INDIVIDUAL account


5.   IRA account (Individual Retirement Account)

    Traditional IRA

    Traditional inherited IRA

    Traditional rollover IRA (such as rollover from IRA, 401K, 403(B), 457(B) or pension, etc.)

    Roth IRA

    Roth inherited IRA

    Simplified employee pension (SEP) IRA

    SEP inherited IRA


How to Invest in LLC
941 Byron Court, Naperville, Illinois 60540, USA
Tel: +1 (630) 708-8997

Past Performance Capsule of


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